Taste Buds Wine Club

Curated packs of new + must-try wine releases we are most excited to share with you!

What is Taste Buds Wine Club?

Some are from widely known, revered regions and vineyards, some are lesser-known gems flying under the radar. All wines in our Taste Buds Club are those that you never knew you needed and now won’t be able to live without!

We like to mix it up each month – we will feature wines and styles that are easy to love, from all corners of the globe!

The wines will be accompanied with a print out that includes winemaker and winemaking info.

How does it work?​

Each month the subscription amount will be charged to the credit card on your account.

In-store pick up during business hours.

Looking for double the taste? Double your bottles (double the price).

Choose from the different options in our Taste Bud Wine Club:

Natural Wine Discovery

Our newest addition to the Taste Buds Wine Club is perfect for those who are curious about the wild + wonderful world of natural wine and looking to explore more.

The wine world is HUGE and ever evolving~ receiving 3-4 bottles a month of the most naturally-leaning bottles in the shop is a great way to ease into it and explore new favorites. 

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